Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Swim Social Top Tips Tuesday: From Scottish Swimming Chief Executive - Forbes Dunlop

Every week we’re going to ask a different swimmer for their top tips on how to improve your swimming. This week we hear from Scottish Swimming’s Chief Executive, Forbes Dunlop.

1.  Relax

The most important thing to do when getting into a pool is to relax.  If you’re a ball of tension in the water, whether you are new to swimming or taking part in a race, you are more likely to go downwards rather than forwards.  So first of all, relax.

2.  Stay streamlined

One of the fundamentals of swimming is to be as streamlined as possible in the water.  Before you can move forwards, your body has to make a hole in the water for you to swim into.  The more of your body pressing against the water, the more resistance there will be and the more energy you’ll use to simply displace the water.  So don’t swim with your head up and your legs down – try to swim with your entire body parallel with the swimming pool floor 

3.  Enjoy it!

Swimming gets you fit, is something you can enjoy with your kids and has a great social aspect to it.  So enjoy it and have fun.  If you have a smile on your face and enjoy yourself, no matter what you do in life I think you’ll get on better.  So relax, streamline and have fun. 


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