Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Swim Social Top Tips Tuesday: From Swimming Coach Mark Wilmot

Mark Wilmot is one of our Swim Social coaches helping adults in Glasgow improve their swimming.   Here are his three tips for Top Tip Tuesday this week.

1. Take lessons

The first thing I do with every swimmer in every lesson is watch how they swim. Taking a step back and evaluating what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong is crucial.  When you’re in the pool, you use all of your senses to work out what you are doing, but the picture that builds in your head is usually not what you actually look like in the water.  I have yet to meet a swimmer that I can’t improve with just a few tips within the first five minutes of a lesson.

2. Get your face in the water

Your body is like a seesaw in the water with a pivot point somewhere on your torso.  The more you have your head out of the water, the more you’ll have your legs in the water.  That means you’re swimming at an angle and that slows you down.  If you want to improve your swimming, one good way to do it is put your face in the water.  That straightens you up, reduces resistance and gets you moving more efficiently, which means you’re using less energy.  

3. Pay attention to your kick

Your kick is hugely important, particularly if you are looking to take part in competitive events such as Masters, triathlon on open water.  Power comes from your hips and speed comes from your feet.  Getting both working in harmony can make a huge different to your swimming experience.