Tuesday, October 13, 2015

British Swimming announces Performance Squads

"All swimmers have been set clear personalised outcome and process goal for the coming season, and we will be monitoring more closely than ever the successful completion of these targets.” Tim Jones, Head of Performance Pathway at British Swimming

British Swimming has unveiled its 2016 performance squads for Podium and Podium Potential athletes.

Sixty-six athletes across Podium (21) and Podium Potential (45) have been selected to the World Class Performance Programme for the 2015/16 season following an extensive selection procedure.  On defining nominations to UK Sport, British Swimming undertakes a thorough analysis of athletes’ current and past performances to assess their ability to win future medals on the Olympic stage.

Athletes selected on to the World Class programmes are eligible to receive advanced training camp and competition opportunities, access to world-class sports science and medicine services, and enhanced support from British Swimming performance staff and National Institute of Sport programmes across the country.   Athletes will also receive targeted financial assistance from UK Sport through the World Class Performance Programme’s Athlete Personal Award (APA). 

Podium level support identifies athletes who have the potential to medal in 2016 while Podium Potential support marks a longer term investment by supporting athletes who are considered to have a greater chance of medalling in 2020.

British Swimming National Performance Director Chris Spice said: “This investment in British Swimming’s talent is vital in enabling our athletes to pursue their performance goals for 2016 and beyond.

“Over the past two years our focus on process driven goals supporting our clear medal opportunities has delivered fantastic results.  This valuable support has helped us to achieve as a team and I’d like to thank UK Sport and the National Lottery for their continued investment. The challenge for us all now is to build on our successes to date in the critical year ahead”.

British Swimming Head of Performance Pathway Tim Jones said: "It has been great to have so many talented swimmers to consider for 2016. We have used the opportunity to make some obvious investments into a group of young athletes who have burst onto the international scene in 2015 but also a small number who we believe have some really interesting high performance characteristics.

“Through membership of the World Class Podium Potential Programme we believe we can help all of our athletes on their journey by further nurturing their talent. All swimmers have been set clear personalised outcome and process goal for the coming season, and we will be monitoring more closely than ever the successful completion of these targets.”

Athletes selected for Podium APA funding are:

Adam Peaty - City of Derby (England)

Aimee Willmott - London Aquatics Centre Performance Programme (England)

Andrew Willis - National Centre Bath (England)

Ben Proud - Plmouth Leander (England)

Calum Jarvis - National Centre Bath (Wales)

Chris Walker-Hebborn - National Centre Bath (England)             

Dan Wallace - Warrender Baths/University of Florida (Scotland)              

Duncan Scott - University of Stirling (Scotland)

Fran Halsall - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Hannah Miley - Garioch (Scotland)

Jack Burnell - National Centre Loughborough (England)

James Guy - Millfield School (England)

Jazz Carlin - National Centre Bath (Wales)

Keri-anne Payne - Warrender Baths (England)

Lauren Quigley - Stockport Metro (England)

Liam Tancock - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Nick Grainger - City of Sheffield (England)

Robbie Renwick - University of Stirling (Scotland)

Ross Murdoch - University of Stirling (Scotland)

Siobhan-Marie O'Connor - National Centre Bath (England)

Stephen Milne - Perth City (Scotland)


Athletes selected for Podium Potential APA funding are:

Abbie Wood - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Alice Dearing - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Amelia Clynes - City of Leeds (England)

Anna Maine - Woking (England)

Brittany Horton - City of Birmingham (England)

Caleb Hughes - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Calum Tait - Edinburgh University (Scotland)

Cameron Kurle - Millfield School (England)

Charlie  Attwood - National Centre Bath (England)

Chloe Finch - City of Birmingham (England)

Chloe Tutton - City of Cardiff (Wales)

Craig Benson - University of Stirling (Scotland)

Craig Mclean - University of Stirling (Scotland)

Craig Bowman - Edinburgh University (Scotland)

Dan Jervis - Swim Swansea (Wales)

Edward Baxter - Cockermouth (England)

Ellena Jones - Swim Swansea (Wales)

Emma Cain - Millfield School (England)

Georgia Coates - City of Leeds (England)

Georgina Boyle - Chelsea & Westminster (England)

Harriet Cooper - City of Derby (England)

Holly Hibbott - Southport/Stockport Metro (England)

Imogen Clark - Derventio Excel (England)

James Wilby - Loughborough University (England)

Jay Lelliott - University of Bath (England)

Jessica Fullalove - City of Manchester Aquatics (England)

Joe Hulme - National Centre Bath (England)

Jordan Hughes - University of Stirling (Scotland)

Kathleen Dawson - Warriors of Warrington (Scotland)

Katie Matts - Stockport Metro (England)

Kyle Chisholm - Boro of Kirklees (England)

Laura Stephens - Plymouth Leander (England)

Layla Black - City of Leeds (England)

Luke Davies - City of Birmingham (England)

Luke Greenbank - Cockermouth (England)

Martyn Walton - University of Stirling (England)

Max Litchfield - City of Sheffield (England)

Miles Munro - University of Bath (Channel Islands)

Molly Renshaw - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Rachael Kelly - National Centre Loughborough (England)

Rebecca Sherwin - Team Ipswich (England)

Rosie Rudin - Nova Centurion (England)

Sarah Vasey - City of Derby (England)

Tazmin Pugh - Ellesmere College (England)

Tobias Robinson - National Centre Loughborough (England)