Monday, October 26, 2015

Swim Social: Norma and David progress with their Skills & Drills Classes

Norma: "You imagine how you are doing your stroke, but then you look at the video and you find you’re not doing that way. It was good to see what you were doing wrong and try and correct it"

It’s been seven weeks since Scottish Swimming and Scottish Water teamed up to launch Swim Social with a skills and drills class at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow. 

Scottish Water employees David Aiken and Norma Alexander signed up for the launch and were so impressed with the tips they picked up during the class they signed up for more lessons. We’ve been following their progress and caught up with them after their fifth lesson to find out how their swimming is progressing. 

David was keen to improve his stroke and says ‘it’s an ongoing thing, you take on board some of the things you’re told to do, but it’s not as easy as you would imagine putting it into practice’. Norma was concerned about her breathing and has been working on that. She says ‘before I started the lessons I didn’t put my head in the water I just swam up and down with my head above the water. So I have been working on coming up for a breath every third stroke and that’s coming on.’

During the lessons David and Norma were quiet literally given a new perspective on how they were swimming. David says ‘a couple of weeks ago the instructor used a special camera to film us swimming under water to show us the errors of our ways. It showed us our stroke and where we were going wrong. It helped us see exactly what he was talking about and try to amend your stroke.’ Norma found it very helpful ‘you imagine how you are doing your stroke, but then you look at the video and you find you’re not doing that way. It was quiet good to see what you were doing wrong so next time you have that in your head to try and correct it.’

They now want to focus on bringing everything they’ve been taught together. David says ‘You’ve got to practice these things so it becomes automatic and just now I still very much need to concentrate on what I am doing and put the things I’ve been learning into practice and it’s more complex as there’s the breathing aspect and kicking and just putting it all together.’ Norma says ‘when you work on one area you feel you’re getting worse in others, but overall you’ve got a better understanding of what it is you’re trying to do. I guess it’s just practice to get there.’

And both say they’re feeling a lot more confident about going swimming outwith the lessons. David says ‘I am a member at the local health club and they’ve got a pool there and I have been along and just practiced what I’d been trying to do in the sessions at Tollcross.’ Norma says ‘I am probably more inclined to go for a swim and I think if I do go swimming I’ll try to keep improving on what I’ve learned’.

So far so good for both David and Norma and we’ll keep tracking their progress as they continue with the lessons. 

If you want to sign up to improve your swimming, you can find out about different classes in your area here.