Monday, January 25, 2016

My Three Top Tips (stroke technique) - Robbie Renwick

In a new, regular feature, we will be asking people from across the swimming community to share their top tips, whether about improving stroke technique, key items for the kit bag to simply getting back in the pool after a long absence.

This week, Commonwealth and World Champion, Robbie Renwick, shares his top tips on stroke technique:

  1. When you are trying to improve your technique, think about what your weakest part of your stoke is. I.e your head position, body position, hand entry or leg kick. When you have identified a weak part, work on this individually. The more efficient you are at swimming the faster and easier it is!

  2. Once you have identified a key area to work on practice your drills very slowly. Always think "balanced" when performing drills, so what one side is doing should be a mirror image of the other side

  3. Wear Fins and a mid mounted snorkel to help keep your body position balanced and remember that drills should not be rushed. Engaging your brain to what you are working on will help improve those weak areas