Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Swim Social Blog: Kevin Plank - Taking on the Challenge of Open Water Swimming

Blog: Having watched the morning Swim Social Open Water Come and Try event run by Scottish Swimming last Sunday (11 June 2016), I was eager to get into the water myself for the afternoon session at Knockburn Loch.  Thankfully that time came soon enough and after registering with the organisers of the event and receiving a fetching neon pink swim cap, I was able to collect my rented wetsuit and got ready for the session.  The briefing provided was pitched very well, informing our group of 30 swimmers how to swim safely but also relaxing us  -  I could see that almost everyone, including me, was a little nervous.   

Briefing over, we all got into the water and much to my surprise it was not as cold as I had expected. It was not warm by any respect but not freezing either which was a bonus.  For over an hour we were in the water split into three groups, I was in Colleen Blair's group and we all worked very hard, swimming almost constantly whilst working on sighting, drafting, turns, fast starts and swimming as a group.  We kept moving with just a short time between exercises meaning that not only was it a fantastic way to build up knowledge and get great coaching but it was also a really good workout, exactly what I was after.

The safety around the event was first class with canoe, paddle board, rescue launch and land based rescue staff all on hand. In addition to this, you could stand up in the water where we were practising which meant that I felt extremely safe throughout.

With the hour being up quicker than expected, I came out with a real sense that I could take lots away from the session and look forward to doing more open water swimming.  I have set myself the challenge of taking part in the Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon in September so I have much training to do but I highly recommend the Scottish Swimming open water sessions this summer to help prepare for open water swimming events – ideal advice and technique tips in a safe environment for all levels of ability.

Thanks to the staff of Scottish Swimming, coaches and rescue staff who helped make it a great experience.

Thank you to Kevin Plank for participating in the Come and Try Open Water Swimming session and good luck in the Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon! 

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