Saturday, June 11, 2016

Volunteer Week 2016 - Saying Thank You to Kirsty Ewen

"Volunteering is amazing. You get the pleasure of knowing you are helping people and you get so much enjoyment and fun out of it too."

The annual campaign, established in 1984, recognises the contribution volunteers make to our communities every day. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our sport so we would like to use the next 12 days as an opportunity to say ‘thank you’.

While we will focus on some individuals about why they volunteer, our thanks are not just limited to them. We say thank you to everyone who gives of their time so freely to support the aquatics community across Scotland.

On the penultimate day of this campaign, we meet Kirsty Ewen, Volunteer Domestic Events Coordinator for Open Water Swimming and find out from her why she took up the opportunity to volunteer.

How did you get involved in volunteering?

I volunteered as a coach during my later years as a swimmer, and kind of fell away from the sport after finishing university. I missed it a lot so started looking for ways in which I could get back involved!

Then I saw that the Open Water Committee were looking for a Volunteer Domestic Events Coordinator so I enquired and applied as I was just coming to the end of a year studying Event Management at College, I started in 2014 and am now in my 3rd year in the position and absolutely love it!

What do you get out of being a volunteering?

I have had so many amazing experiences and opportunities from volunteering and I love getting to meet new people, stay involved in the sport and try a range of new things as well as develop my own skills!

Getting involved in Open Water has been great as it is something I always wanted to try as a swimmer but never did so getting to organise the Scottish Championships and run them with the rest of the committee is fantastic!

Mostly the biggest thing I get out of volunteering is just having a lot of fun!

What would you say to someone who was thinking about volunteering?

Volunteering is amazing, go for it! Swimming relies on volunteers for its clubs and events to run and there are so many different roles available there really is something for everyone. You get the pleasure of knowing you are helping people and you get so much enjoyment and fun out of it to! Just get involved.

What is your volunteering highlight?

There are so many volunteering highlights I don’t know how to pick one!

Being selected as an athlete escort and medal bearer for victory ceremonies at the IPC World Championships in Glasgow 2015, working as a shuttle host on the Scotland leg of the Queen’s Baton Relay, being appointed as the Volunteer Domestic Events Open Water Co-ordinator and most recently being selected to volunteer on the young people’s sports panel with Sportscotland and Young Scot all have to rank pretty high on the list but everything I’ve got to do through volunteering has been so good.

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