Thursday, June 9, 2016

Volunteer Week 2016 – Saying thank you to Gael Logan

"I like spending time in a sporting environment; I like helping to make things happen and I like helping people. Ultimately I like being part of something. And that something for me is water polo." Gael Logan

The annual campaign, established in 1984, recognises the contribution volunteers make to our communities every day. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our sport so we would like to use the next 12 days as an opportunity to say ‘thank you’.

While we will focus on some individuals about why they volunteer, our thanks are not just limited to them. We say thank you to everyone who gives of their time so freely to support the aquatics community across Scotland.

Today we meet Gael Logan, player and volunteer amongst our thriving water polo community, and we asked her how and why she got involved.

How did you get involved in volunteering?

I don't remember 'getting involved' in volunteering, it just happened really.  I got a bit older, I gained a few more experiences as a person and a player and importantly I began to feel like I had skills to offer.  I've also been very lucky both as a swimmer and a player because I've always been supported by some great coaches, managers and mentors so spending time with others to help them and adding to their experiences as players seems very obvious to me.  It also became evident that it was a very small number of people doing a huge amount of work to keep Scottish polo moving forward, so felt that it was my turn to contribute something.

What do you get out of being a volunteering?

I enjoy it - I like being around different people; I like spending time in a sporting environment; I like helping to make things happen and I like helping people.  Ultimately I like being part of something.  And that something for me is polo.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about volunteering?

Get on with it.  It's not a big deal, you just do it!  You turn up, help and then go home.  There’s no drama to it; you give what you can and do what is needed and it really is that simple.  There are a lot of volunteers who give a huge amount of their time to the sport, but that isn’t expected from everyone, so give what you can and it will be welcome and very much appreciated.

What is your volunteering highlight?

I think it was getting the Scottish Champs back up and running in 2015.  It used to be an annual event in the polo calendar but due to a lack of resources it had fallen away; as events coordinator on the Scottish committee it was part of my remit to bring it back to life.  

The clubs bought into it and played quarter and semi finals in the lead up to the event.  We then had 5 finals matches across girls, boys, men's and women's sections and a huge turnout of supporters and spectators, which was great.  

Everyone seemed to have a good day and we're running it again this year (Sunday 26 June, Olympia, Dundee!) so think I can consider it a success.  Spot the plug!

Gael is among a hard core group of volunteers who really do make things happen in water polo and we thank them all and look forward to working with them and watching this sport grow.

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