Friday, September 23, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: Fond farewells to new found friends

Well that's us all home from what I can only call the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.  It would have been very hard to surpass London 2012 so Brazil did their own thing and put on a games that was just as amazing and full of heart and soul.

We may not have had time to see much of the city and only seen on the bus journeys we took as it is so widespread and time off was limited but the people of Brazil came out in force and brought their voices with them to the stadium and made their presence known by volume.  They cheered on each and every swimmer no matter the nationality but (obviously) kept their loudest for their own.  No matter the placing of their swimmers they all got huge volumes of noise when they finished to the point we could not hear each other speak or the whistles of the referee.

Whilst the athletes achievements were immense my appreciation goes to the backroom staff and volunteers who all put in huge amounts of time and very long days to ensure that the deck worked seamlessly. This is the part that very few see and have little knowledge of but without it you basically dont have an event.

Although I was ready to come home it was also really sad as I was not ready to leave the new found friends that Scott and I had made from all corners of the globe.