Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Day 7: The 37 degree heat today would have been wonderful on Copacabana beach but on a pool deck, maybe not the best - the bonus is there is plenty of water to drink (No! not the pool!)

We entered the 2nd week of competition today and much as the days can be very long depending on the shift you are on we all agree that time has flown by and taken us by surprise.  

A lot of this I think is that we are all now very much a team and getting on really well and language isn't as much of a barrier anymore or nerves come to that.

Today saw a few disqualifications which just goes to show that no matter the level you swim at it can happen to anyone.  Most people think that we only write a slip and that’s the end of things - sorry that’s not always the case, again dependent on the level being swum at the background paperwork after your hand the slip to the referee can be considerable.

On another note the up till now youngest referee at a Paralympics was 26 years old so that now means Scott Milne takes this crown, 

Day 8: so we have day 8 of the escapade in Rio and the end of day 6 of the swimming. Today it was 37 degrees outside with a warm breeze and that was good as we took a stroll round the Olympic park and went to see the wheelchair fencing and Goalball.

The bad news about the weather was that the pool deck was also 37 degrees which for the officials on duty in full formal gear including blazer meant baking hot and rather a large amount of bottles of water.  As the building is open as what you see is just a skin for the outside there were occasions when there was a very welcome breeze that blew through.

Quick walk round the training pool found us bumping into none other than Kris Gilchrist - I mean you just can’t get away can you! lol