Saturday, September 17, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: Home and coffee calling

The sun was not streaming through the window today, it was almost like being at home, cloudy with a hint of rain though the temperature gave it away that we were not at home - a nice 22 degrees.

I decided to skip brekkie and stayin bed for an extra 15 minutes - best decision of the day.

Official photo day today so two lots of gear needed - wear one and take one.  There were some really fast changes from casual to formal uniform for the photos - hope they turn out well - I really don’t do photos , though will confess have taken a few selfies (first for everything).

Everyone is very relaxed in each other’s company and although it’s the final day tomorrow and home is calling loudly, it really feels a shame to break up what is a very happy and gelled team of good officials.

Have to laugh (hee hee hee) the queue at McDonalds is getting longer and longer by the day.  At the beginning of the event there was very little queuing if any now it’s massive - see everyone needs a McDonalds in their life once in a while.

One thing I am looking forward to is a coffee! Those of you out there that know me know this is a staple for me and I’ve not even had one since I have been here - HA I hear you cry not had coffee and you are in Brazil?!