Saturday, September 10, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: On Familiar Ground

We are now into our territory and the things we know about around a deck that no matter what the size of competition and where or when it is, it’s where we feel at home and are most comfortable.

There’s a bit of an issue with radios on occasion but that’s nothing new and it’s kind of nice to know that even at this level radios are problematic - however we deal with this in our usual fashion and revert to hand signals and gestures which always work well.

Everything is beginning to settle down and we are all beginning to get to know each other and trying to pick up some basic words of Portuguese - will keep you posted on that one!!

One big bonus today was we found the MacDonalds that is in the village and there was hardly a queue - which we have heard can be rather long after training.

Tonight was my night to get to be very proud and emotional for one of our GB swimmers.  The look on Ellie Robinson's face when she realised what she had achieved at the end of her final and the noise and joy from her when she received her medal, to me is priceless, and to have been there to share it with her was something very special.