Friday, September 9, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: Opening Ceremony and Day 1 on the job

The moment Daniel Dias came home to claim the gold medal the whole place erupted.

Susan Liddle and Scott Milne, two of Scotland's International Technical Officials, are in Rio for the Paralympic Games. Susan is providing us with regular updates about her experiences. Here's her account of the Opening Ceremony and Day 1 on the job:

It ended up being a very late night last night due to the opening ceremony, which was awesome to say the least.  The noise level within the stadium was at times deafening but the quality of the whole thing was incredible.

Today was an up early day (6am transport collection) to get to the wee puddle called the Aquatic Centre and then final preparations to be made for the start of the competition.  We all take a turn at the early start to assist the Technical and Assistant Delegates with the start of day preparations before we go onto poolside to be warm up marshals on the training and competition pools.

As we marched onto the deck and into our positions this has a major calming influence on us all as we are in the familiar territory and know what to do and what is expected.

The atmosphere was electric and game me goose bumps on many an occasion both in the heats and finals.  The moment Daniel Dias came home to claim the gold medal the whole place erupted, never mind the shouts of ‘BRASIL’ through his swim. It was a very proud moment for Daniel and a nation not to mention us all around the deck as even we got emotional.  

There were probably a dozen world records broken today and it’s only the first day so we can only see this number climb considerably.