Thursday, September 15, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: Pizza, the food of Champions!

Day 9 saw a rather cooler day than yesterday - we only had to cope with 25 degrees outside and 29 degrees on the pool deck.  

The coolest place in the whole complex is actually the training/ swim down pool.  We, as ITO's, have to take rotation as warm up marshals on both the competition and training pool - guess where everybody wants to be allocated to?!

The atmosphere in this part of the arena is very relaxed and friendly AND extremely spacious with teams having their own allocated parts of the deck to themselves with their own ice baths etc. being on one side and the team seating etc. on the other – really very civilised.

When we were coming back to the village the Brazilian relay team (silver medallists) were travelling with us and there was a unanimous shout from the whole bus for PIZZA and that it had to be pepperoni.  Nice to see that even medal winners like to eat takeaway food!