Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: The Story so Far

Susan Liddle and Scott Milne, two of Scotland's International Technical Officials, are in Rio ahead of the Paralympic Games. Susan is providing us with regular updates about her experiences. Here's her story so far:

Monday: So, I was up at silly o’clock to catch the 6am flight to Amsterdam to meet up with Scott Milne;  then off on the 11 hour Rio flight. It has to be said KLM really look after you although there are only so many films you can watch without going goggle eyed!

On arrival there was a long hike to security and accreditation but that all went smoothly. Now onto the Olympic village by the Rio transport team.  I am booked into an Apartment and am sharing with another three officials; fortunately we have our own rooms. Now I’m off to bed as up early again tomorrow to collect the official uniform.

Tuesday: Today we finally got to step onto the deck of the Aquatic Centre and it is breath-taking - the sheer scale of it all finally brought home to us that this isn’t just another meet; this is a massive stage where millions will watch and cheer on these elite athletes.  This is a once in a lifetime chance that very few get the privilege to do and I was very proud to be there.  

Today was all about meetings and ensuring that the swimmers equipment and swimsuits and hats complied with FINA and event rules.  We also collected our uniforms, which I have to say is not inconsiderable.  Both casual and formal wear with a seriously awesome pair of trainers!

Scott and I will get our photos taken tomorrow with kit and the formal one too as we have to wear that for the opening ceremony.  

Wednesday: So this morning was dress rehearsal time for the full compliment of volunteers lots of practice makes for proessionalism.

We are off to the opening ceremony tonight - well up for that! In formal uniform too! (lol me in a skirt!).