Sunday, September 18, 2016

Susan Liddle Road to Rio Blog: Volunteer and Volunteer with Passion!

Susan Liddle and Scott Milne have been in Rio for almost two weeks volunteering as International Technical Officials. Susan has been keeping us up to date and entertained with a daily blog. Here's her latest entry at the conclusion of the swimming competition.

Well that’s it, last race swam and victory ceremonies done.

Words do no justice to the friendships made over the past weeks with people from all over the world and their dedication to what can be a very demanding role. People need to remember that without volunteers with passion most events large or small would not go ahead. 

I have used the word proud quite a few times and should really find another word that portrays how the British contingent of athletes has made me feel. Their heats and finals saw them give everything they had and each and every one of them no matter their placing gave a huge smile.  

There are a few specific ones that stand out a mile for me personally as from my position in the control room i had full view of the finish and then all the high speed and television cameras around me, these include Scott Quin, Ellie Robinson and Abby Kane.  

So the end, or so we thought - well not quite, we had the sports presentation volunteers 'Flash Mob' us which was obviously well rehearsed and caused utter chaos - complete legends!

The after party saw the pool stripped down and invaded by the volunteers and this includes our own Scott Milne who can now say that he has also swam in the Rio pool as well as his lesser known brother Stephen!  Hee hee!

Many a photo has been taken but you will just have to wait until I get back to see these as I am sure there will be some duds and you are not getting to see these - hey I have standards too you know! 😊

There is still a lot to say (unlike me, I know!), so I may just do a few more blogs to give you more information - though I do hope I haven’t bored you all with my ramblings.