Thursday, October 20, 2016

Masters Survey Snapshot 2016

Thank you to those who recently completed our Masters survey which had 129 responses. We thought we would share some of the overall results with you to show the different reasons why Masters swimmers choose to join a club. While the vast majority of respondents said they swim competitively with a club ( 67%), 22% choose not to swim competitively and open water is growing in popularity, following the UK trend. Nearly a third of our survey respondents swim open water.

Perhaps less surprisingly 80% of our Masters respondents cited ‘to get fitter’ as the most important reason for swimming. Also high on the list was ‘to meet friends and socialise’ (51%), ‘to train for a Masters swimming event’ (48%) and ‘to improve my swimming technique’ (30%).

Many of you who responded have attended events organised by Scottish Swimming and are keen to have more events with input from elite swimmers ( 75%) and Masters focused events which focus on swimming technique, land training and nutrition.

In terms of communications 86% of you said the social element of the club was either important or very important to you. We are also delighted that 90% of you use the Scottish Swimming website and mostly keep up to date with Facebook (75%).

To find a Masters club near you whether it’s to get fitter, socialise and meet new friends, or to train with a specific event in mind our club finder can help you find a club near you. To register for our long course training in January please register your interest now.