Friday, November 18, 2016

Silver City Blues Create Charity Calendar for 2017

With a little over a month until the big day many people are now well into Christmas shopping and shops are only too happy to display items we simply must have, from the latest gizmos and gadgets to the all-important 2017 calendar.

The top 10 selling calendars usually include those from Sir Cliff, One Direction and various Premiership Football Clubs, but for 2017 a new calendar has just hit the market. Members of Silver City Blues Masters Swim Club in Aberdeen have created a calendar full of photos depicting their members dancing, going to work, having a day at the beach and even enjoying a dinner.  Nothing terribly unusual there except for the location, which was at the bottom of a swimming pool.  The shots were taken by Brian Battensby at Aberdeen Sports Village Aquatic Centre and the calendar designed by club member Claire Bruce.

The calendars are now available for a minimum donation of £10 with all profits split 50:50 between two charities, WaterAid and ANCHOR. You can help the club and the two charities by making a donation. For every £10 donated you can claim one of the calendars.  For more details visit the project’s web site at:

Club President Jenny Brown explained the reasons behind the choice of both charities, she said:

“We are fortunate to have an abundance of clean water, enough to enjoy our sport in a number of swimming pools around the city including the 50m pool at the Aquatic Centre.  This is in stark contrast to many others around the world for whom water is a scarce and precious commodity.  WaterAid is an international organisation whose mission is to transform the lives of people in this situation by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

“The club also wanted to support a local charity which had become important to one of its members, John Smith.  John was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in July last year and started chemotherapy a month later followed by surgery in December 2015 and further chemotherapy starting in February 2016.  During this time and the months that followed he benefited from the charity Friends of ANCHOR which is committed to supporting the Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy (ANCHOR) unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.”

John himself picks up the story and said,

“I first met an ANCHOR support therapist on the first day of my chemotherapy where I received a foot massage. It was a great relaxing experience during a pretty gruelling day. I received this care each time I was in for chemo and also during my various stays in hospital post-surgery and other times I was ill. Kerry and Michelle were great and not only providing the caring massages but being able to chat to someone not just talking about your illness was a bit of a relief from everything else that was happening to me. I found them to be very kind people. ANCHOR also provided things like DVD players and DVD’s while I was staying in hospital which helped pass the time and took my mind off the pain.”