Thursday, December 15, 2016

Developing Talent in Swimmers

"Young swimmers will face a range of different challenges as they progress through swimming and your role as a positive parent is vital" - Alan Lynn, National Coach

The word ‘mindset’ is used with increasing regularity when it comes to developing talent in teams and individuals in both the sporting and business world. But when it comes to swimming, do we really know what it means?

Scottish Swimming believes that champions can be made and therefore in addition to physical, technical and psychological skills, your mindset toward sport is vital to your success.

Mindset is a belief about swimmers ability and where it comes from. The key to achieving full potential is not ability level or talent; it is a swimmers belief about ability.

Scottish Swimming has designed a booklet to help parents support the learning of young swimmers who are committed to reach their potential. It builds on the parents’ workshop delivered throughout the District Regional Programme (DRP) and is designed to provide further tips and ideas on how parents and guardians can help.

If a swimmer approaches the sport with a growth mindset, he/she are more likely to be focussed on being the best that they can be, training hard and learning as much as they can. Swimmers seek to learn from everyone: coaches, other athletes, different sports. Swimmers set down their own goals and own their programme (coaches or others will help). Swimmers know that they cannot predict what they will achieve with years of dedicated and purposeful training. Their challenge is to understand where they are now and how they can improve.

Mindset information will be rolled out across Clubs from 2017 onwards.

The booklet, Developing Talent in Swimmers – A Parent’s Guide, has been created with support from Stanger Pro and can be viewed and downloaded here. 

Developing Talent in Swimmers – A Parent’s Guide