Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New ‘opt-out’ option for the Summer Meets

In 2017, British Swimming along with the Home Nations will be providing a new ‘opt-out’ option for the domestic summer meets.

Invitations for the British Summer Championships, ASA Summer Meet, Scottish Swimming Summer Meet and the Swim Wales Summer Meet are generated based on performances recorded during a specified qualification window.  In 2017 this ‘window’ runs from 10th March 2017 – 29th May 2017 (inclusive).

We are aware that there are always swimmers who compete in the window, but then for a variety of reasons decide they do not want to compete, or are unavailable to race in above the summer meets.

We are encouraging these swimmers to let us know if they do not want to receive an invite to these competitions. This will help improve the number of swimmers accepting the invitation to compete and also open up the summer meets to a wider group of swimmers.

To opt out we would ask you to email British Swimming at to request this. The window to do this will run from 1st January 2017 – 1st May 2017 (inclusive).

Please note, if you decide to opt out, this will apply to all the competitions listed above.