Monday, January 16, 2017

Masterclass with Robbie Renwick Saturday 14th January

“This is awesome! I’m a swimming teacher and this has been a fabulous session that makes me want to do more.” Christine Rennie, Powerswim participant

Last Saturday more than 50 swimmers were treated to a Masterclass with 6 coaches including Olympic Silver Medallist, World and Commonwealth Champion, Robbie Renwick.

The 50m pool at the University of Stirling was a hive of activity on Saturday morning with three separate groups enjoying ‘Skills and Drills’, ‘Powerswim’ and ‘Masters training’ in a fun and social setting over two hours. Coaches Helen Tobin, Morag Brown, Chris O’Neill, Ross McKafferty, Shannon Bothan and Alan Reed of Scottish Swimming pitched the session to the ability of the swimmers and created a very relaxed environment for improving swimming technique.

We hosted three groups for this event:

Skills and drills: This session was a real focus on improving technique and swimming confidence including use of training aids. We saw significant improvement throughout the session, all of the swimmers came away with far greater swimming technique and the next time they enter the water they will be able to swim with more confidence.

Powerswim: For this session, intermediate swimmers were focusing on learning specific drills which they could use to help improve their swimming efficiency. They focused on engaging their brain and what their body was doing, by getting swimmers to count their strokes per length and to try to reduce the number of strokes. Throughout the session, the swimmers improved their stroke efficiency allowing them to swim further and faster with less energy.

“This is awesome! I’m a swimming teacher and this has been a fabulous session that makes me want to do more.” Christine Rennie, Powerswim Participant

Masters group: This group brought together Masters swimmers from across the country. It was great seeing them all working together as a team and engaging with the coaches. The Masters were focusing on specific stroke drills, starts and turns. During the session they got the chance to put it all into practice into a tough workout. They all came away having learned something new.

“It’s been the perfect balance of skills and drills and endurance work – really great session!” Fiona McEwan, Masters swimmer

“These events are perfect for giving improving swimmers the confidence and reassurance they need to join Masters and do more with their swimming. It’s great to see the progress over the two hour session and above all it’s fun!” Chris O’Neill, Coach

After the first hour participants were treated to a perfect demonstration of  freestyle technique, streamlining and tumble turns from Olympian Robbie Renwick.

The session was rounded off with Masters swimmers racing against Robbie in a 25m sprint for a bit of excitement!

The next Masterclass with Robbie will be held on 28th January in East Kilbride along with internationally experienced coach, Ben Higson. Robbie Renwick will be doing a further Masterclass in Edinburgh on 4th March. Places are limited so we advise you to book a place at the link here

For information about Masters clubs in your area follow the link here.