Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Strathmore Water Prize Winners Enjoy a Master Class with Murdoch

Last Friday 6th January twelve lucky prize winners, who entered the #DoMore competition ran by Strathmore Water, enjoyed a Masterclass with Commonwealth Champion Ross Murdoch. The keen swimmers of mixed ages and abilities met with Ross and the Strathmore team at Tollcross International Swimming Centre at 10am on Friday.

Ross gave an introduction to the event which included a bit of background about his own swimming career, what he does for a warm-up and how performing when it counts is what really matters when it comes to winning medals. Ross was also able to tailor the session to deliver exactly what the prize winners needed with support from City of Glasgow Swim Team Coach, Danielle Brayson.

At 11.00am  the pool session began with an 8 x 25m warm-up followed by an explanation of streamlining and an in pool demonstration from Ross. Swimmers then proceeded to learn about freestyle and breaststroke technique with demonstrations from Ross and were able to practise their tumble turns.

A Facebook Live event at 12.30pm, where participants could put questions to Ross, rounded off the session followed by informal chats with the Commonwealth Champion and an opportunity to see and hold the many medals he has won in international competitions.  Well done to everyone involved on the day.

Scottish Swimming are running their own adult series master classes with Robbie Renwick on 14th January in Stirling, on 28th January in East Kilbride and on 4th March in Edinburgh. To book a place please click here