Friday, April 28, 2017

Nairn ASC & Nairn Synchronised SC joint working

Nairn ASC have club captains who sit on their committee and feed into the club the thoughts and feelings of the swimmers. One of the requests from the swimmers was could they do some different activities throughout the year. This has got the club thinking of different ways activities can be included in their training and would benefit their swimming. The club contacted the local Synchro club to ask if the synchro coaches would be willing to work with the swimmers.

On Sunday 23rd April Nairn ASC held a session for their swimmers led by synchro coaches and supported by some synchro swimmers to work on body position and sculling techniques. This was a great success with swimmers and coaches really enjoying the session. It has now been agreed that the synchro coaches would like to work with a small group of swimmers over the next four weeks working on body position and sculling actions. This shows great joint working from the clubs and an excellent example of putting swimmers' feedback and suggestions into practice.