Thursday, May 18, 2017

Whoop! St Thomas ASC achieve SwiMark and SwiMark Plus Revalidation

Congratulations to St Thomas ASC who has achieved revalidation of their SwiMark and SwiMark plus. They have done a great job, well done to everyone at St Thomas ASC!

Scottish Swimming’s accreditation scheme has been developed to recognise the vital role clubs play in swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo.  Clubs who are awarded the swiMark/diving/synchro/poloMark have achieved a level of excellence in operation and continue to strive to do better. 

For example, swiMark clubs must:

  • Have safe, effective and child friendly environments
  • Offer development opportunities for swimmers, teachers, coaches and volunteers
  • Encourage lifelong participation in swimming

At Scottish Swimming, we hope every club will join us on our recognised path to excellence. The accreditation process is straightforward and or development managers will help clubs at every step of the process. 

SwiMark clubs often find it easier to:

  • Attract volunteers
  • Raise their profile
  • Attract external funding
  • Get recommendations from schools
  • Get priority bookings at local pools

There are many more benefits open to accredited clubs – if your club isn’t a swiMark club, then speak to your committee about becoming one or your Regional Swimming Development Manager for guidance.

Please click here for our SwiMark flyer