Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Scottish National Open Championships - Session Times

Following the close of entries to the Scottish National Open Championships it is estimated that the session times for morning and afternoon heats will be short enough for us to be able to follow the one session heats option that is set out on Page 4 of the Meet Information and as follows:

"Should the number of entries of the morning and afternoon sessions result in a combined session time of 4 hours or less on each and all days of the Championships, the organisers reserve the right to alter the heat sessions at the time of the draft programme being issued, and swim them as one session.  Morning Warm up times will remain unchanged.  Entrants will be notified if the one session option is adopted.

In the event of one heat sessions, the following will apply.   All individual events except the 800/1500 freestyles will be conducted on a Heats and Finals basis. Heat sessions will be conducted in flights, with the fastest seven heats of events 200m or less, and the fastest five heats of 400m events in the “A” flight, and all remaining heats in the “B” flight. “A” flights will be concluded each morning prior to beginning the “B” flights. The “A” and “B” flights will be swum slowest to fastest. The fastest 20 swimmers from the heats will advance to finals.

MC Entries will be seeded by absolute time across flights A & B.  The 10 MC athletes scoring the highest points, utilizing the British Para-Swimming Points System, shall progress to the MC Final.”

The following should also be noted:

  • All relays will now be swum in the finals sessions
  • Heat sessions will begin each day at 09.00
  • Finals sessions will begin each day at 17.30
  • A detailed timeline for team managers/coaches will be available in due course

The draft programme is available to view HERE