Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Technique Matters Sessions available at Scottish Summer Meet 2017

After the successful ‘proof of concept’ pilot at the Scottish National Age Group Championships 2016 and a further rollout of the project at the Scottish National Age Group Championships 2017, we will again be offering a technical analysis service at the 2017 Scottish Summer Meet (#ScotSM17) at the RCP from 7th – 9th July.

The delivery format will again be the “Apple - Genius Bar” model whereby coaches and swimmers bring the footage to an “expert” to discuss and develop specific solutions to “Technique Matters”. Many coaches (and parents) film races on Smartphones, iPads and cameras. An area for “Technique Matters” consultations will be set up behind the diving pool (adjacent to the First Aid room) – coaches should bring their swimmers (or vice versa!) and footage on a suitable device, with a specific technical query from their race; including starts & turns.


  • Improve awareness and acknowledge the importance of technique as part of the performance process.
  • Create an environment where technical discussion is at the centre of performance improvement.
  • Provide an opportunity to focus on specific areas of races that have been identified as being relatively weak across the sport.


This opportunity is open to ALL SWIMMERS competing at the Scottish Summer Meet 2017 

The feedback area will be located behind the diving pool (adjacent to the First Aid room). Swimmers who wish to view their swim and receive feedback MUST provide the race footage and be accompanied by a coach (sorry - no coach no view!).

Times of Technique Matters sessions will be held o the following days: 

  • Friday 7th July, afternoon session 
  • Friday 7th July, evening session  
  • Saturday 8th July, morning session  
  • Saturday 8th July, evening session  
  • Sunday 9th July, morning session  
  • Sunday 9th July afternoon session