Monday, June 12, 2017

Top Tips for Outdoor Swimming

We recently asked Colleen Blair, Scottish Swimming Regional Swimming Manager (Highlands and Islands) for some Top Tips on Open Water Swimming. Colleen is an open water swimming coach and competitor herself. We hope you find this useful: 

Training/Wild Swimming

  1. Don’t swim on your own and let someone know where you are swimming and for how long
  2. Be visible – wear a bright coloured cap, swim with a tow buoy
  3. Respect the water and know your own capabilities
  4. Learn to sight (so you can see where you are going)
  5. Have fun and relax in the water (which will help with breathing)

Challenge Event or Race

  1. Have a practice swim open water prior to your event, get used to swimming in a wetsuit
  2. Don’t panic at the start relax, if you don’t like swimming in a pack go to the edges or the back
  3. Learn to swim straight – this can save you a lot of distance and time!
  4. Correct sighting and readjusting your course constantly will help reduce the distance swam and improve your time
  5. If your wetsuit rubs/chaffs use products specifically for wetsuits such as body glide.
  6. Have fun and relax in the water (which will help with breathing)