Sunday, June 4, 2017

Volunteer Week 2017 – Saying thank you to Jane Ogden

Volunteer Week 2017 – saying thank you to Jane Ogden

The annual volunteer week recognises the incredible work of volunteers across our community. On and between 1-7 June, we will be focusing on some of the individuals who make up our large, dedicated army of aquatics volunteers and thanking them for all their hard work.

Today we shine a spotlight on Jane Ogden who, for the last four days, has been Chief Referee at the British Diving Championships which were taking place at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh. 

What got you into volunteering?

It’s a great community to be part of. Diving is actually a very small community and it’s very friendly. When you get into doing a diving event you are part of a team but most of my roles have been with Scottish Swimming as the Discipline Convenor (historically). Volunteering allows us to keep in touch with everyone, see how things are moving on and you feel like you are contributing something as well.

What does your role as Chief Referee involve?

There’s a fair amount of preparatory work, in as much I get informed which judges have been selected for the event and I draw up the panels in advance so come the day everyone knows where they are. There’s a lot of people involved in the setting up of the event, but once that whistle goes everybody is under the Chief Referee’s command.

What skills have you developed or what skills could younger people through volunteering?

Working together and being part of a team is really important. And managing volunteers is very different from managing people in the work place because its peer group management. Most people are more au fait with hierarchical management systems but with volunteers what organisers and federations have to realise is that others in the team are extremely experienced, successful professionals in their own right, so learning peer group management is one of the key things that you get to do, which is a great skill to learn.

Do you have a volunteering highlight?

Taking part in major events is always fantastic, and there are huge opportunities for international judges. Representing your country as a judge is really special, you must maintain your training as judges themselves are judges and only those who meet the full criteria get to judge the big events.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Jane, her diving colleagues and volunteers across the aquatics community for the magnificent work they do and their continued contribution to support our sport and help drive it forward.

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