Saturday, June 3, 2017

Volunteer Week 2017 – Saying thank you to Lois, Katie and Matt

The annual volunteer week recognises the incredible work of volunteers across our community. Over the week, we will be focusing on some of our invaluable volunteers and saying thank you for all of their hard work.

Today we shine a spotlight on some of the young volunteers at Shetland ACSC. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport and for young people, volunteering helps develop skills that will also help them progress away from a pool setting.

What is your role at the club and why do you volunteer?

Matt Bokor-Ingram – I’m a level one teacher. I volunteer because it has helped to build up my patience with the young kids and I’ve learnt how to communicate with them as well.

Katie Bain – I’m also a level one teacher, and I volunteer because I’ve swam for a lot of years and I think it’s good to give back to the sport and support the younger ones in the club.

Lois Ross – I’m a level one teacher, and I’m the same as Katie, I started off at this club so it’s good to give back and it’s also helped to build my confidence and patience with the younger ones.

What skills can volunteering help develop?

Lois – I was really scared when I first started but I’m a lot more patient now and it has given me a lot more confidence, a lot more conversation skills and how to bring my points across and explain things better.

Katie – Yeah, I think it’s definitely helped me build my confidence, my communication skills with younger children and taught me a lot of skills to do with swimming as well, made me think a lot about technique and strokes

Matt – It’s helped me communicate with younger kids as before I couldn’t really talk to them at their level of language, whereas now I can.

What is your most memorable moment whilst volunteering?

Lois – One of my most memorable moments was actually quite recently, one of the young swimmers, she’s about 9 I think. I saw her do 100m IM for the first time and I remember only last year I was helping her do breaststroke and she couldn’t get the kick right. It just makes you think about how much you’re helping other people, and it makes you feel really proud of yourself because you managed to help them!

Katie – Yeah, it’s really good seeing kids progress. There was a young boy, it took him at least a year to get his head under water and it was just such a great moment to see him finally do it for the first time.

Matt – I remember one young boy who refused to get into the pool for the first few weeks and at the gala last week he was doing a full length kick on his front.

Katie – That was a really good moment to see and it was really memorable for us.


We’d like to say a big thank you to Matt, Katie and Lois and all their volunteer colleagues at Shetland ACSC and beyond, for the magnificent work they do to support our sport and help drive it forward.

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