Tuesday, August 29, 2017

35 and couldn't swim: Anna Light's story

"If you’re thinking of adult swim classes, jump in feet first and you won’t regret it."

Anna Light was 35 when she learned to swim for the first time, and here she speaks first-hand about how she overcame her worries and learned to love swimming.

"The older I got, the harder it seemed to achieve and further from the list of things I really wanted to put myself through. I’d been at the pool and seen toddlers with arm floats having swimming lessons, and really couldn’t see my “35-year-old self” joining them on the side of the pool.

"After a lot of googling swimming lessons to see what was involved, I decided to email one of the swimming coaches that advertised on the community notice board at the gym. I explained my nervousness and how I wanted to be more comfortable in the water and to learn to swim freestyle.

"At the first lesson I was very nervous, self-conscious and out of my comfort zone but my teacher was patient and very good at making me feel at ease. Each lesson, it felt more comfortable being at the pool and learning to swim.

"I had four lessons which included several techniques to help me feel comfortable – including using the kickboards and the side of the pool. I started to enjoy it, and the feeling of accomplishment and pride after I swam my first lap was amazing.

"Five years since these lessons, I’ve branched out to try breaststroke and backstroke. I find breaststroke the easiest and I’m still a little uncoordinated with freestyle, but I’m now a regular at the pool and feel great for it.

If you’re thinking of adult swim classes, jump in feet first and you won’t regret it."

It’s never too late to learn to swim, if Anna’s story has inspired you, visit our website for information on how to find Adult Learn to Swim classes near you: /learn-to-swim/learn-to-swim/adult-learn-to-swim.aspx