Thursday, August 17, 2017

Building your Club website is not as scary as you think!

If you are completely daunted at the prospect of creating a website for your club, why not follow in the steps of Trojan ASC?  It's probably not a scary as you first thought!

Bryan Walkinshaw, the Child Protection Officer of Trojan ASC decided to create a website for the club without any prior experience, using a simple online template which required filling out information, much like a Powerpoint presentation.  It took approximately 15 hours in total. The process was relatively straight forward and is very simple to edit and update for someone with PC access and basic IT skills.

The cost for the hosting of the website is £150 per year per annum for domain and hosting charges, which is very reasonable and Bryan is willing to offer advice and support if there are other clubs out there looking to create a website ( and give you the confidence to give it a go!

If you would like any help with creating your website, digital marketing or many more ideas for your club, remember to take a look through our Marketing Toolkit for helpful tips and advicetoo. All it takes is a little imagination and for someone to assume ownership. 

Scottish Swimming Club Marketing Toolkit - please click here