Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Renfrew Baths ASC hold first ever swim meet

Renfrew Baths ASC successfully hosted their first ever Swim Meets from 27-28 January, displaying a remarkable turnaround for a club that a few years ago had diminished into a training-only club.

The club's Mini and Junior Meets were held in Stevenson in Ayrshire at Auchenharvie Leisure Centre because the club's usual venue, Victory Baths in Renfrew, only has five lanes and is shorter than the required 25metres for competition.

RBASC's committee worked hard to reverse years of decline for a club with such a long history and adhered to their steadfast principles of offering competitive swimming whilst still maintaining that swimming is for everyone, regardless of ability.

The club sourced poolside radios from nearby Ren96, and also sent thanks to North Ayrshire ASC and South Ayrshire Swim Team, who supplied timing equipment and volunteer helpers.

RBASC's chairman, Bill Winning, was thrilled with how the weekend panned out and said: "It was a great success with hundreds of happy young swimmers enjoying their sport and showing that swimming really does matter.

"All the volunteers, the technical officials and team managers from all the clubs deserve a huge accolade as without all these people working together our sport simply couldn’t function.

"Our Scottish Swimming RSDM Paul Donald, whose enthusiasm rubs off on everyone and has helped us shape the club to the point we are right now, deserves thanks and hopefully we’ll achieve SwimMark+ status shortly."