Thursday, March 29, 2018

#SNAGS2018: Day 2 Report

Day 2 of #SNAGS2018 may well go down as 'rivalry night', with a series of brilliant head-to-head races between the country's top swimmers. But the Tollcross crowd was also treated to some individual excellence, as two national age group records fell, headlined by British European Junior squad member Archie Goodburn (Warrender BC).

Goodburn of Warrender broke his own Scottish 17 Age Group Record for the 50m Breaststroke by two-tenths of a second in the heats and then went one better in the final with an amazing time of 28.73s, which was also just shy of the same British record.

The Warrender swimmer, who also won a relay gold and the 400m Freestyle title said: "I was really pleased with how the heats went. I was really pumped up for that final after that and the time I came out with was great."

Goodburn will travel to Helsinki in the summer with the British squad for the European Juniors and couldn't be happier with his preparation ahead of those championships. He added: "It's been perfect, it's all looking really good. I'm looking forward to the camp in Calella where hopefully everything will continue to come together."

Goodburn's Warrender clubmate Jamie Littlefield also set a new Scottish Age Group Record with a 31.46s 50m Breaststroke time in the heats for the 14 Age Group. Littlefield then went on to win the title in 31.99s. The Edinburgh club will look back on the first couple of days and be very happy with the results, including victory for Jamie MacDonald in a thrilling 200m Butterfly for the 17-18 Age Group.

Carnegie SC's Ellie Turner was a regular visitor to the podium yesterday and she proved why she is one to watch once more. The new Scottish 15 Age Group 200m Backstroke champion followed up last night's win with two individual golds on Day 2 in the 100m Backstroke and 400m IM.

But, the 15-year-old admitted victory in the IM was not something she particularly expected. She said: "After winning the 100 back I just thought I'll go into swim this one and see what happens but now I'm totally happy to come away with two wins instead of one."

Turner has been in close contact with the likes of Iona MacLeod (Dundee City Aquatics) and Ellie Reilly (Heart of Midlothian) and the 400 IM Final was no different. The Carnegie swimmer did enough to take the victory however as the trio finished 1-2-3, as Turner's early pace paid off, coming home in 5:02.30.

And close finals such as that were common across the evening session. Proceedings kicked off with a duel between Jess Prokas (Carlisle) and Saskia Wade (City of Glasgow) for the 11-13 Age Group 200m Breaststroke title. Both swimmers came into this final with gold medals from opening night. Prokas won out on this occasion.

In the 16 Age Group 200m Breaststroke Final, South Lanarkshire Swimming teammates Yvonne Brown and Lucy Ross entered with the two fastest times, separated by only 0.09s. The duo proved to be the top swimmers of the race, streaking away from the field but Brown had just that little bit more in the tank to take the gold medal.

Katie Shanahan (City of Glasgow), a Day 1 standout, kept up her superb form to fend off teammate Elise McQueenie in the 14 Age Group 100m Backstroke Final and also won gold in 200m Breaststroke.

In the Boys 15 Age Group 200m Butterfly Final, Mark Ford (City of Glasgow) and Marcus Scullion (Winchester) renewed their healthy rivalry from opening night, again finishing first and second. Fraser Kelly (North Ayrshire) followed them closesly and took a deserved the silver medal by virtue of Scullion being a non-Scot.

Elsewhere, Katie Robertson (South Ayrshire) maintained her dominance in the 17-18 Breaststroke events, while young Stefan Krawiec (East Lothian) displayed the kind of form that has led to multiple 11 Age Group Records.

But for many of the competitors at SNAGS, the meet isn’t all about the medals. For some it’s the experience of that first National Championship, and that was exactly the case for Kingston ASC. In the Girls 14-16 4x100m Medley Relay they chopped more than 20 seconds off their qualifying time. Team captain Abbie said: “We're just so happy to be here to be honest. It's great, just great.

"We've been training harder over the last year and we're happy that we beat our PB."

The Girls 14-16 4x100m Medley Relay event was won outright by Natare West London, which meant that City of Glasgow took the Scottish title.

The full results are available on the Swim Scotland website.

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Day 3 begins tomorrow at 9am, with finals starting at 5.15pm and they will be live streamed via our social media channels and website.

Here are the winners from each event on Day 2:

4x100m Medley Relay (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champions: East Lothian 'A' (4:49.74)

14-16 Age Group Champions: Natare W London (4:25.14) / City of Glasgow 'A' (Scottish)

17/over Age Group Champions: Aberdeen Performance 'A' (4:26.86)

4x100m Medley Relay (Male)

14-16 Age Group Champions: Warrender BC 'A' (4:07.51)

17/over Age Group Champions: Warrender BC 'A' (3:54.77)

200m Breaststroke (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Jess Prokas (2:44.71, Carlisle Aquatics)

14 Age Group Champion: Katie Shanahan (2:38.74, City of Glasgow)

15 Age Group Champion: Ellie Reilly (2:37.46, Heart of Midlothian)

16 Age Group Champion: Yvonne Brown (2:35.89, South Lanarkshire)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Katie Robertson (2:32.86, SAST)

19/over Age Group Champion: Natalie Coogan (2:45.37, University of Stirling Swimming)

200m Butterfly (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Stefan Krawiec (2:27.81, East Lothian)

14 Age Group Champion: Jamie McGregor (2:17.91, Perth City)

15 Age Group Champion: Mark Ford (2:13.65, City of Glasgow)

16 Age Group Champion: Fraser Wilson (2:11.67, Midlothian)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Jamie MacDonald (2:07.06, Warrender BC)

19/over Age Group Champion: Marc Elrick (2:08.18, City of Glasgow Swim Team)

100m Backstroke (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Rachel Saunders (1:07.65, Warrender BC)

14 Age Group Champion: Katie Shanahan (1:05.92, City of Glasgow)

15 Age Group Champion: Ellie Turner (1:04.52, Carnegie SC)

16 Age Group Champion: Ellis Shiels (1:05.02, Milngavie & Bearsden)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Jessica Damen (1:05.08, Warrender BC)

19/over Age Group Champion: Emily Grant (1:03.08, University of Stirling Swimming)

50m Breaststroke (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Matthew Hand (ARDS-US) (Overall) / Lewis Sutherland (35.54, Scottish)

14 Age Group Champion: Jamie Littlefield (31.99, Warrender BC)

15 Age Group Champion: Finley Cousins (31.59, Aberdeen Performance)

16 Age Group Champion: John Kean (30.91, West Lothian)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Archie Goodburn (28.73, Warrender BC)

19/over Age Group Champion: Aaron Dolan (29.70, North Lanarkshire)

400m IM (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Drew McKenzie (5:25.42, West Lothian)

14 Age Group Champion: Katie Shanahan (5:09.83, City of Glasgow)

15 Age Group Champion: Ellie Turner (5:02.30, Carnegie SC)

16 Age Group Champion: Gaia Alcaras (4:58.25, Aberdeen Performance)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Ailsa McDonald (Northampton)

19/over Age Group Champion: Megan Perry (5:37.41, Shetland)

400m Freestyle (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Travis Davey (4:50.82, Dundee City Aquatics)

14 Age Group Champion: Jamie McGregor (4:21.57, Perth City)

15 Age Group Champion: Angus Allison (4:15.46, Inverleith)

16 Age Group Champion: Liam McLaughlin (4:12.30, Warrender BC)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Archie Goodburn (4:01.29, Warrender BC)

19/over Age Group Champion: Richard Laird (4:17.96, South Lanarkshire)