Thursday, April 12, 2018

Heatly and McArthur satisfied with diving performances

The Diving competition of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games continued at the Optus Aquatics Centre this evening with James Heatly and Gemma McArthur in action in the finals of the 3m springboard and 10m platform respectively.

Heatly fought hard to land all his dives and after a superb Reverse 1½ Somersaults 3½ Twists Pike, which scored him 87.50 points, the 20-year old from Edinburgh moved up to the bronze medal position.

Finishing with the Forward 2½ Somersaults 2 Twists Pike, Heatly didn’t quite land it as well as in the previous round but finished fifth with 420.30 points, just shy of his PB. Afterwards he said,

“I had to really fight to get through to the final of this event. I didn’t get much sleep last night and and I did struggle this morning in the prelim. After two rounds I wasn’t even in the top 12. So with that in mind, I don’t consider coming fifth a loss, I’m pretty satisfied with what I've done.

“I think I let the nerves get to me a little bit in that last dive; I was aware I had moved up to the bronze medal position and I’ve never had so much adrenalin running through me.

“My priority is to now focus on tomorrow’s 10m synchro event. Lucas used the 1m to get his competition started and get rid of any nerves. He did really well and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do.”

Speaking about longer terms plans Heatly continued,

“I head to Canada next month for a competition and depending on results the team for the World Cup and Europeans in Glasgow will be selected. Tokyo is a long goal but I don’t like to look too far ahead, I just get through one competition at a time.”

Gemma McArthur completed her competition finishing 12th for the 10m Platform. Starting confidently with the Back 2½ Somersaults 1½ Twists Pike, McArthur faltered in the last two rounds and ended with 263.05 points, well below her best. Afterwards she said,

“It’s such a shame I missed a few dives but overall I’m pretty pleased at how I held my nerves throughout the competition. It’s been amazing to dive in amongst world class athletes and I’m going to try my best to improve in training, become more consistent and develop those harder dives so I can compete with the girls at the top.”

Speaking about her move to Edinburgh, McArthur said,

“I’m really enjoying training with Jen (Leeming) in Edinburgh, she’s already played in an important part in my development. Between dives she always gives me constructive and positive feedback and gives me confidence to try and perform at my best.”

Olympic finalist and World Championships silver medalist, Grace Reid, begins her Commonwealth Games programme tomorrow, starting with the 1m springboard.

Diving prelims start at 10:01 local time (01:01 GMT); finals start at 19:01 local time (10:01 GMT).