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#SNAGS2018: Day 5 Report

Whether it was your first or your last SNAGS, we hope it was one to remember. We certainly belive that each and every swimmer has done themselves proud over the course of the meet thanks to their commitment, professionalism and skill. Commendations must also go to all the coaches for their effort and expertise, and to all volunteers for their time and patience. 

Perhaps the story of Ben Williamson sums up the magic of the Age Group Championships. He was part of the East Lothian team in the 4x100m Medley Relay, and had to miss some Easter holiday time to fill in last minute for the injured Luke Hornsey. He swam alongside his namesake, Owen Williamson, and Stefan Krawiec, the youngest gold medalist and Calum Peebles, the youngest finalist in an individual event. And despite their youth the boys still did enough to take the Bronze medal.

After the race, Calum said: "Last year I didn't make any finals or win any medals and I have this year so I'm really happy," while Ben said "I was supposed to be off school and at home but when Luke got injured they asked me, I was nervous but I wanted to help."

12-year-old Stefan also picked up the Sharp Trophy for the 200m IM event.

Among the other headlines was another title and a new Scottish Age Group record for Katie Robertson in the 100m Breastroke Finalwith a 2:09.79. Also a flashpoint was the Girls 4x100m Freestyle Relay, which arguably provided the most thrilling action of the whole day. Rachel Saunders of Warrender BC produced an absolutely outstanding final leg to overhaul West Lothian in the last five metres. Emma De Wet did her best to hang on to the lead but it seemed Saunders was settling for nothing less than gold as her teammates urged her on, conjuring up amazing scenes when they saw the results flash on the big screen.

The excitement in the 15 Age Group 50m Butterly Final was similar, with first and last separated by barely one second, Ellie Turner taking the win.

Another terrific race took place in the 16 Age Group 200m IM, which pitted two swimmers with a rich bag of medals against one another in North Lanarkshire's Greg Fairbairn and Rory Dickson of North Ayrshire ASC. The two were neck and neck for much of the race, Dickson marginally ahead after the breaststroke length. The Irvine man took control in the final 50m however but at the end of the race was quick to offer out a hand to Fairbairn in acknowledgement of their friendly rivalry, pushing each other to the limit. Fairbairn would go on to win the 100m Freestyle however, and eventually pick up the Male U16 Top Perfomer Trophy.

Georgina Dennis (Mount Kelly) rounded off a brilliant meet for her with victory in a tightly contested 16 Age Group 200m Freestyle Final, snatching the lead from Lauren Wetherell in the last 50m. Wetherall should not be downhearted however, she too has had a fantastic meet overall. She also went home with the U16 Top Performer prize.

Scott Gibson (South Lanarkshire) and Katie Robertson (South Ayrshire Swim Team) will go home as the king of the backstroke, collecting a clean sweep of gold medals in his Age Group.

Ruari McKinnon (Scotia ASC) made a PB in the famous 'lights-out' in the 14 Age Group 200m Freestyle Final last night and tonight he went one better, taking the 100m title in a time of 56.92. And Elaine Murray (Broch) got a well-deserved gold from lane two, beating the likes of Eve Corrigan and Ellie Turner and Emma Russell.

In the 19/over Age Group, Richard Laird from South Lanarkshire rounded off a successful meet for him with another title, this time in the 800m Freestyle.

In terms of the battle for the overall Top Scottish Age Group Club Award, Warrender BC came out on top, followed by City of Glasgow Swim Team and South Lanarkshire. The Edinburgh club's quality was on full display in their 1-2-3 in the 17-18 Age Group 200m IM Final.

The full results are available via the Swim Scotland website.

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Once again, congratulations to each and every swimmer who competed at SNAGS, whether for the first or the fifth time. Everyone did their clubs, friends and families - and themselves - proud.

Here are the winners from each event on Day 5:

800m Freestyle (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Nathan Campbell (9:55.20, Stirling Swimming)

14 Age Group Champion: Jamie McGregor (9:05.56, Perth City)

15 Age Group Champion: Angus Allison (8:51.73, Inverleith ASC)

16 Age Group Champion: Liam McLaughlin (8:51.92, Warrender)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Daniel Ferguson (8:36.28, West Lothian)

19/over Age Group Champion: Richard Laird (8:51.12, South Lanarkshire)

4x200m Freestyle (Female)

14-16 Age Group Champions: City of Glasgow 'A' (8:43.59)

17/over Age Group Champions: City of Glasgow 'A' (8:44.11)

4x100m Freestyle (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champions: Warrender BC 'A' (4:20.55)

4x100m IM (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champions: Warrender BC 'A' (4:20.55)

200m IM (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Stefan Krawiec (2:28.24, East Lothian)

14 Age Group Champion: Evan Jones (2:19.98, Millfield)

15 Age Group Champion: Angus Allison (2:14.28, Inverlieth ASC)

16 Age Group Champion: Rory Dickson (2:11.99, North Ayrshire ASC)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Archie Goodburn (2:06.46, Warrender BC)

19/over Age Group Champion: George Clough (2:07.97, University of Stirling)

200m Freestyle (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Ceri Gillespie (2:14.11, Garioch)

14 Age Group Champion: Katie Shanahan (2:07.01, City of Glasgow)

15 Age Group Champion: Iona MacLeod (2:06.63, Dundee City Aquatics)

16 Age Group Champion: Georgina Dennis (2:04.97, Mnt Kelly)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Sophie Smith (St Thomas)

19/over Age Group Champion: Emily Horne (2:07.97, City of Glasgow)

100m Freestyle (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Stefan Krawiec (59.27, East Lothian)

14 Age Group Champion: Ruari McKinnon (56.92, Scotia ASC)

15 Age Group Champion: Douglas Kelly (55.51, Mount Kelly)

16 Age Group Champion: Greg Fairbairn (54.27, North Lanarkshire)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Archie Goodburn (51.76, Warrender BC)

19/over Age Group Champion: Audai Hassouna (53.36, Warrender BC)

100m Breaststroke (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Jess Prokas (1:16.05, Carlisle)

14 Age Group Champion: Katie Shanahan (1:14.80, City of Glasgow)

15 Age Group Champion: Ellie Reilly (1:13.36, Heart of Midlothian)

16 Age Group Champion: Bridget Lemasurier (1:13.23, East Lothian)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Katie Robertson (1:09.79, SAST)

19/over Age Group Champion: Eve Thompson (1:16.56, University of Stirling)

50m Backstroke (Male)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Euan MacLeod (Crawley) 

14 Age Group Champion: Cameron Travis (29.82, Aberdeen Performance)

15 Age Group Champion: Mark Ford (28.41, City of Glasgow)

16 Age Group Champion: Alexander Harris (Stirling Swimming)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Scott Gibson (South Lanarkshire)

19/over Age Group Champion: Kyle Pate (28.36, University of Stirling)

50m Butterfly (Female)

11-13 Age Group Champion: Louisa Stoddart (East Lothian) 

14 Age Group Champion: Anya Slessor (Aberdeen Performance)

15 Age Group Champion: Elaine Murray (29.43, Broch)

16 Age Group Champion: Gaia Alcaras (Aberdeen Performance)

17-18 Age Group Champion: Yasmin Perry (28.16, Aberdeen Performance)

19/over Age Group Champion: Emily Horne (28.57, City of Glasgow)

Overall Top Club: Warrender BC

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