Friday, May 25, 2018

Scottish swimming stars get behind #CleanSportWeek

“Clean sport means to me that the athletes I train and compete against, including myself, are being honest to themselves and truthful to themselves." Hannah Miley

Scotland’s top swimmers are showing their support for drug-free sport by getting behind UK Anti-Doping’s #CleanSportWeek campaign.

This year’s event, which is the second annual campaign, will celebrate clean athletes and the hard work that goes into their success, and provide a platform for athletes and partner organisations to talk about clean sport with pride.

The campaign will also have a strong focus on supplement use and image-enhancing culture in the UK, with new research revealed to encourage a wider public debate on the issue.

Two-time Commonwealth Champion and Gold Coast 2018 silver medallist Hannah Miley is a passionate advocate of clean sport, and the 100% Me initiative in particular. She said: “Clean sport means to me that the athletes I train and compete against, including myself, are being honest to themselves and truthful to themselves. So I am 100% Me.

“If you want to educate yourself on possible use of supplements you have to be very careful. Look to the UK Anti-Doping website to guide you.

“It’s very easy to make mistakes and at the top level you do not want to be making any mistakes because it can be very costly to your career.”

Two-time Commonwealth medallist and Glasgow 2018 Ambassador Ross Murdoch has previously said on the subject: “It’s a lifestyle thing, the personality of a cheater. I don’t have that and I could almost guarantee that the majority of British athletes these days are not doping as it’s not the British way.”

Craig McLean, another medallist in Gold Coast and also a member of the British team for the Europeans in August, said: “What goes in your body is your responsibility because it is you who competes against the rest of the field.”

A number of events will take place between 21-27 May to help raise awareness of clean sport and anti-doping programmes led by UKAD. The campaign will also feature social media videos from a number of UK athletes showing their support for clean sport, through a series called Feat of Strength.

Nicole Sapstead, UKAD’s Chief Executive, said: “Our education programme is a vital part of our prevention work at UKAD. We are committed to delivering a high-quality programme in collaboration with our partners.

“Clean Sport Week provides the perfect platform for sports in the UK to come together and showcase the fantastic work going on from grassroots to elite level.”

UKAD provides and supports a range of educational, anti-doping and clean sport resources to help athletes at all levels, which includes its 100% Me programme.

Learn more about the campaign here: and read what other British athletes are doing to get involved here: