Sunday, August 12, 2018

Disappointment as Reid and Torrance miss out on medal in Women's 3m synchro

Grace Reid and Katherine Torrance narrowly missed out on a medal in the Women's 3m synchronised springboard final on the last day of competition of the 2018 European Championships at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

The British pair looked solid for most of the event but were closely followed by the Italian and Russian partnerships throughout. A poor final dive (a forward 2 1/2 somersaults with twist piked), the home crowd favourites agonisingly fell from first to fourth in the standings, posting a final total of 270.90.

Italy's Elena Bertocchi and Ciara Pellacani won the Gold medal and a late surge from Germany's Lena Hentschel and Tina Punzel propelled them into the Silver medal position ahead of Russia's Nadezhda Bazhina and Kristina Ilinykh.

Reid said the result obviously wasn't the one they were looking for, but tried to remain positive in defeat. Putting on a brave face, she said: "It just wasn't meant to be today. You know as tough as it is, and it is hard, that's the world of sport, that's the world of diving. These are the fine margins we have to work with.

"I'm obviously really upset, more for Katherine than anything I just want her to be okay. But I have no doubts she's a strong girl and I know she'll come back from this."

After four dives, Reid and Torrance looked assured of a medal at the least, dropping no lower than second in the standings at any time. Asked if it was pressure that led to the mistakes for the final dive, Reid said: "It's hard to tell, we could analyse it until the cows come home but it is what it is, nothing less, nothing more.

"Whatever was the rhyme or reason for it, we'll figure it out and go from there."

Despite ending on disappointment personally, Scotland's Reid will still walk away from these Championships with a Gold and Silver medal. And Britain finished second only to Russia in the medal table, taking home ten medals in total (four Golds, five Silvers and one Bronze). Reid said that proves the healthy position British diving is currently in.

She said: "The depth in British diving has came on leaps and bounds, particularly in the last couple of years. We're winning medals left, right and centre and Britain really is becoming a diving nation."