Friday, August 17, 2018

Susan Liddle's Dublin Diary: Home comforts as competition rolls on

During the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Susan Liddle, who volunteers with Scottish Swimming, provided a brilliant daily blog for us, detailing her experiences as a Technical Official at the Games. And we're delighted to announce that for the World Para Swimming European Championships in Dublin, Susan will be doing the same again with her Dublin Diary!

Day 3

Nicely settled down and in a flow. There are some very mundane things though that are essential at a meet of this length....WASHING!

Today was the merging of the multi national Welsh, English and Scottish washing being amalgamated and washed and now dripping in the bathrooms held in place by some rather ingeniously designed pegs - oh the luxuries we have in place 😂

Oh! and as for the swimming there has been 11 World records and 13 European records broken as of tonight's session ending and I am sure this number will grow as the week progresses.

Day 4

Today is the halfway point of the Para Europeans and as it usual at large meets it's this day that we all tend to hit the proverbial wall.

Last night saw us finally arriving back at the hotel at 10:45pm after what you would call a rather long day at 'The Big Puddle'.

So after this morning's session some of us decided not to get the bus back for lunch but to go 'walk about'. The weather was warm with a breeze. So a wee saunter down the road finally found us at a very large shopping centre...lunch? Well it would be rude not too ....what did we have...McDonald's - YUS!!!

This is just the way to get over the wall and bring you back to normal (well as normal as anyone who does this type of thing) and ready to get on with the job in hand.