Monday, August 13, 2018

Susan Liddle's Dublin Diary: Start as we mean to go on

During the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Susan Liddle, who volunteers with Scottish Swimming, provided a brilliant daily blog for us, detailing her experiences as a Technical Official at the Games. And we're delighted to announce that for the World Para Swimming European Championships in Dublin, Susan will be doing the same again with her Dublin Diary!

Day 1

Well we started the day at silly o'clock to get to the airport for 6am. There was bit of apprehension setting in as we booked to fly out with Ryanair, who have been cancelling flights left, right and centre! 

But I have to say I could not fault the service: boarding was smooth and we left and arrived on time.  

Can you actually believe it's two years since Scott Milne and I started our journey to Rio to do the Olympics? It's still so fresh in my mind. So to be given the privilege to do the Europeans is something special too.

Upon arrival, we dropped our suitcases off at the hotel and caught the bus to the 'Big Puddle'.

It was a day of rehearsals, which can be a long drawn out affair but very necessary to make things look and run slick and make it look seamless. 

This happens due to blood sweat and tears of which most people have no idea of, because when witnessing an event from the spectators point of view it all 'just works'.

Anyway, off to bed now (it'll be a new day by the time you all read this). We are again due to wake up at another silly time to have a quick bite of breakfast before heading off for the beginning of this major event. Can't wait!