Monday, September 3, 2018

Over 2,000 kids dive in to #ChallengeDuncan during Glasgow 2018 - and stay dry!

More than 2000 people tested their 100m freestyle swim against the British record-holder earlier this month – without a drop of water being involved.

The huge numbers dived into a virtual pool during the Glasgow 2018 European Championships to see if they could beat World, Commonwealth and European Champion, Duncan Scott’s time of 47.9 seconds.

The game, named Challenge Duncan at GO LIVE! at the Green saw participants cover a total distance of 234km – the equivalent of Edinburgh to Belfast – and rack up an estimated 58 hours of play.

Challenge Duncan is a unique interactive experience that senses and measures your arms as they mimic the front-crawl motion and try to match the speed that propelled the 21-year-old to become the British record holder of 47.9 seconds for the 100m - the event in which he is the current Commonwealth Champion.

The game, which displays players’ progress on a television screen, was created in partnership between Scottish Water and Scottish Swimming as part of the national Learn to Swim programme, delivered by aquatic providers across Scotland who are helping 100,000 children to become confident swimmers.

Duncan Scott, who is the ambassador of the Learn to Swim programme, said: “It’s crazy to think that while I was out there racing my competitors, the public were out there racing me.

“I headed down to Glasgow Green after my competitions to play Challenge Duncan and it was great to see how much enthusiasm the kids had about racing in the pool.

“Challenge Duncan gives a rare and fun taster of what it’s like to take part in elite swimming competitions.

“Of course the game is played out of the water, but it can really help you channel the lane-focused mentality you need to win a race – it’s great.”

Duncan Scott won silver in the men’s 100m freestyle at the European Championships and claimed gold in the 200m freestyle.

Brian Lironi, Scottish Water’s Director of Corporate Affairs, said: “We’re extremely proud to work with Scottish Swimming to ensure that children in Scotland develop this important, and potentially life-saving, skill.

“Duncan did us all proud at the Commonwealth Games and he’s done it again at these European Championships.

“He’s a very powerful role model, and with his medals and personal achievements, he’s doing a great job at inspiring future generations.”

Forbes Dunlop, CEO of Scottish Swimming, said: “Scottish Swimming believe that every child should be given the opportunity to learn to swim.

“The work of our local partners who are delivering the Learn to Swim Framework is making this a reality for many, and we would like to thank those local partners and Scottish Water for their continued support and commitment to ensuring everyone can swim.

Challenge Duncan was launched at GO LIVE! at the Green at the Scottish Swimming tent.