Thursday, November 8, 2018

Scottish Swimming celebrate tutor training milestone

Scottish Swimming has trained over 4,000 coaches and teachers over the last three years, our latest figures show.

The statistics also highlight an increase of almost 50 percent in our tutor workforce during the same period, and provide positive reading ahead of our annual Tutor Conference taking place this weekend at Dunblane Hydro.

The progression in the last three years aligns with the implementation of Scottish Swimming’s Corporate Plan, the current version of which runs from 2015-2021.

Educating the aquatics community is central to our Corporate Plan and its aims to support clubs and swim schools in becoming more sustainable by creating improved aquatic environments for participants, coaches, teachers and volunteers. This allows them to plan for expansion in the future with a good quality workforce in place.

Alan Reed, Scottish Swimming’s Workforce Development Manager, said:

“Getting to this number is an amazing achievement from all involved. There’s been a tremendous amount of work done behind the scenes.

“In order to ensure we keep growing we’ve done a number of things, central to that was increasing the number of tutors to deliver our courses, and we can’t thank them enough.

“Support from Regional Swimming Development Managers to help clubs in accessing and running courses, such as within regional training weeks, has also been a huge benefit.

“Also the partnerships created in the National Framework with Local Authorities have helped them to improve their workforce planning, through running courses and accessing good quality tutors at venues and times that are suitable for their needs.”

A total of 3,203 teachers have been trained up by Scottish Swimming since 2015 alongside 804 coaches, all by a committed and skilled group of tutors. In this time the number of tutors increased from 31 prior to 2015 to 46 currently, with a further nine in training.

So far in 2018 we have trained 838 teachers and 137 coaches, all that with just still two months to go on the calendar.