Thursday, July 18, 2019

Reid progresses to World Championship 3m springboard final

After a long prelim round, Grace Reid held her nerve in the semi-finals and progressed to the World Championship 3m springboard final, and in doing so secured Team GB a place in the event at next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

23-year old Reid (DiveLondon) had a shaky couple of rounds early on in her programme, but came back fighting in the latter stages with her highest score coming in the penultimate round, where she landed her Forward 3½ Somersaults Pike well resulting in a points score of 69.75.

Her final dive, a Forward 2½ Somersault 1Twist Pike was also well executed and Reid secured her place in the event final finishing on a points score of 300.75.

Afterwards she said of her performance,

“I’m honesty just happy right now.  I didn’t open up very strong but I didn’t panic. I knew I had five dives and it’s all about doing just one dive at a time. I thought I fought back really hard at the end of my programme and I’m glad it paid off.”

Asked what was going through her mind in the early stages of her programme, Reid said,

“I’m not sure I can share what was going through my mind early on in the competition, it’s not for broadcast! I did just dig my heels in and didn’t give up and felt it was a great example of it’s not over until the final dive.

“I didn’t want to think about the fact that I’ve been in this position before, which I definitely have, it  was more about trusting what I was doing, listening to Jane’s (Figueiredo, her coach) comments, sticking to my routine and not being swayed by anything going on.”

When asked about how she felt on securing Team GB a spot in the event in Tokyo next year, Reid said,

“It is the biggest relief getting Team GB a spot at next year’s Olympics. Everyone is after a quota place so everyone is diving their hearts out. It was a real battle to get into that final and I’m glad I’ve got that out of the way.

“It has been a really long day and fatigue is now setting in. For tomorrow I will be focussing on myself and hope to start stronger than I did today.”

The results from the women’s 3m springboard prelim and semi-final can be found HERE.