Friday, March 20, 2020

Message to members and partners from Euan Lowe, Chief Executive, Scottish Swimming

Dear Scottish Swimming Members and Partners,

This has undoubtedly been a very different and very difficult week for all of us. With aquatic activities suspended and schools closing today, there are still uncertain times ahead with further daily updates from Government and other agencies highlighting the fast shifting sands of this pandemic.  

We know that as a Governing Body, our members have looked to us for support, advice and recommendations. Rest assured, we will continue to provide that support and advice for as long as we can.

When the situation with COVID-19 started to escalate last week, we set up a ‘Group’ to digest the information and advice coming from Government, determining how that would impact our sport. As time went on and new information was presented, we had to move quickly, and as far as possible, we have worked with valuable input from our National Chairs, along with support from Board and Council in trying to keep aquatics activity running.

The timing of the information published and presented has been late on in the day and so we felt that the most efficient way of getting news out quickly was via our website and across our main social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The front page of our website has been updated to highlight this, with links to all the information we’ve shared so far, along with the best way to contact staff while we work remotely.

These are unprecedented times and we are acutely aware of the significant day to day financial challenges that all of us will face in the coming weeks. We understand that for our coaches and clubs, the current social distancing advice will have significant effect for a considerable period of time. In addition, the impact extends to our partners including Local Authority and Leisure Trusts, Swim Schools, external agencies and sponsors – all of whom help us deliver training, club activity and events.

I would like to assure you that Scottish Swimming remains open for business, not quite as usual, but like many of us operating remotely with our regional, services, performance and education teams available to provide support to clubs, partners and members alike.

In this new and ever changing environment, it will take all of us bit of time to adjust to a new way of engaging and supporting each other. We have been extremely heartened to see and experience the positive and caring response of clubs and members to the situation. Some of the activity on HIVE and across social media with the sport working as one, sharing some fantastic examples of good solution focused resilience, sharing tips on staying healthy and fit for when pool time becomes available again has been outstanding.

It’s going to take time to understand what all of this change and uncertainty means for us in the longer term, however, aquatic spaces will open up again in time, and we will do all we can to support you in preparing to get back into the water when the opportunity arrives.

In the meantime and on behalf of everyone at Scottish Swimming please stay healthy along with a massive thank you and our very best wishes to everyone across the country.  

Euan  Signature (1)

Euan Lowe

Chief Executive

Scottish Swimming