Thursday, June 4, 2020

Volunteers Week 2020 – Volunteer in Diving

Britain’s successes in world diving in recent years (Tom Daley, Jack Laugher) has brought huge interest to the sport, and Scotland’s own Grace Reid and James Heatly winning medals at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, has also helped raise the profile of diving in Scotland.

As part of Volunteers Week, we caught up with Bob Thomson about his volunteering journey, and what got him volunteering in the world of diving.

What’s your role within Diving?

I am Secretary of Edinburgh Diving Club.

How did you end up in that role?

Like the vast majority of volunteers in our sport I was asked to support the running of the Club sometime after my son joined, switching across to the sport of Diving from Gymnastics. I had earlier supported the Gymnastics Club in a similar volunteering capacity.    

What do you get out of volunteering?

A sense of pride from seeing our young divers achieving and experiencing so much through competitive trips organised by the Club, and seeing the joy and camaraderie that this brings to them irrespective of the level of their training and development. Our Club setup is different to most in that we do not have any involvement in training. We exist with the sole aim of facilitating competitive opportunities to all our diving members.

Any highlights from what you do?

Every notable success of our young divers as they progress through their sporting journey.  

How would you encourage more people to volunteer in our sport?

Highlight the critical importance of volunteering in providing opportunity for young children in our sport and encourage parents to come forward and support in any way they can.

To find out more about volunteering please click HERE.