Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Tighinn CÒmhla 2021 - January Series

Tighinn Còmhla 2020 was a great success, bringing together very nearly 3000 athletes from 66 clubs during a difficult period that saw large sections of the country out of the water and others operating under very strict conditions.

As we advance through our Staged Return to Swimming Competition, Tighinn Còmhla 2021 supports clubs at their own level of return and will take place in a number of step-by-step series to help us progress.  For January, more events are included to provide variety and development in a wider range of internal club timing sessions, virtual meets and virtual league matches as well as during the introduction of the earliest stages of inter-club competition.

The focus is still on “giving us all an opportunity to engage with our swimming community, have some fun racing, give swimmers a chance to see how they are improving and to celebrate our sport as we develop new ways of returning to competition”.

Full guidance for the management of racing during training sessions can be found in the Scottish Swimming Club Training Back to the Water Guidance and Racing Considerations document, HERE. Further guidance for the management of competition will become available in January. 

Information on the Tighinn Còmhla 2021 January Series can be found HERE.