Monday, April 26, 2021

Swimmers return to the water

Swimmers across Scotland ended their long wait in returning to the water today as the nation moved down into level three restrictions.

As part of the easing of lockdown measures, swimmers under the age of 18 can now resume full contact group training whilst swimmers over the age of 18 can return to the water as part of non-contact indivudal sessions. 

Participants of water polo, artistic swimming and diving will follow the same rules, whilst open water swimmers have less restrictions in place.

We are delighted to welcome our members back in to the water and would love for you to share your first moments back with us. 

Using the hashtag #BackInTheWater, send us any photos or videos you have on your return to the pool, via social media. Let's share the positivity and get back to doing what we love!

We look forward to welcoming adult group training back in the not so distant future, with an indicative date of May 17th set for the return.

We're #BackInTheWater!