Thursday, May 27, 2021

Swimming Records

Over the last year Scottish National Swimming Committee have been using an online checking tool provided to us by sportsystems to identify Swimming Records, both historical and current.  Using the tool was found to be quicker, more accurate and more reliable than receiving record applications.

The current Swimming Records have been updated and ratified by Swimming Committee using the checking tool and these have now been published.

Most individual Swimming Records will now be identified by National Swimming Committee using this process, and the swimmer or their club will not routinely need to apply for their record to be ratified, except in the following circumstances –

  1. Individual Records that were achieved during a lead off leg for a relay or as a split
  2. Individual Records achieved at foreign meets where the results have not been submitted to British Rankings
  3. Relay Records, Para-Swimming Records and Masters Records still need to be applied for

There may be other circumstances where a record is not picked up by the checking tool - swimmers who believe that they may have achieved a record are encouraged to complete an application form if they think a record has been missed.

The Record Form has been updated with the above information and the record certification process remains unchanged. A pdf of a certificate for each record achieved will be emailed to the record breaker (or their parent) using information contained in Scottish Swimming’s membership database (please make sure that the information is up to date!). Physical copies of the Record Certificate will be posted if requested.

For more information see the Swimming Records page on the Scottish Swimming website. 

One of the upsides is that Records swum by swimmers on representative teams will be picked up quicker using this method.

The Records from the recent European Championships in the picture below were identified using the checker and should be ratified by National Swimming Committee in the next few days.

Records Image

Well done to Katie Shanahan, Lucy Hope, Kathleen Dawson and Cassie Wild!