Monday, August 2, 2021

Heatly into 3m springboard semi-final

He’s had a long wait, but James Heatly finally got his Olympic competition underway, in the prelims of the 3m springboard event. The 24-year-old Edinburgh diver made his Olympic debut in the same event as his late grandfather, Sir Peter Heatly did, in the 1948 Games in London.

Heatly began his programme with a Back 2½ Somersaults, pike, which scored 66.00 points and after his second-round dive, an Inward 3½ Somersaults, tuck he found himself back in 20th place. With the top 18 divers progressing to the semi-finals, Heatly knew his remaining dives had to be strong.

And strong they were. Round four, a Reverse 3½ Somersaults, tuck scored 85.75, moving him up the leader board into ninth. Another strong dive in the fifth round, a Reverse 1½ Somersaults, 3½ Twists, free moved him up again into eighth, with only his last dive remaining.

His final dive, a Forward 4½ Somersaults, tuck, has the highest degree of difficulty with 3.8 and Heatly performed it superbly. His score of 96.90 gave him an overall total of 458.40 points which sees him into tomorrow’s semi-finals.

Heatly said of his performance,

"Just to be here, to be competing is amazing. This is my first Olympics so to make it through to the semi-finals, I can't believe it.

"I did have to have a word with myself as I was a bit shaky going into the last rounds. I knew after watching all the other events that everyone has been a bit shaky, a bit rusty and out of practice for competitions. I had to remind myself of that. It's not over until its over and I guess I eased into it. I know what I want to do here and what I want to achieve so for me, it's about surviving the rounds. Job one is done and we move onto the next round."

Speaking about his Olympic experience so far, Heatly continued,

"I am loving every second of it. I am upset my family can't be here, they follow me all over the world and leaving them behind was the hardest thing. "

Heatly’s GBR team-mate, Jack Laugher, is also through, as is his Edinburgh Diving team-mate Yona Knight-Wisdom who represents Jamaica.

The schedule and results for the diving meet can be found HERE.

Semi-finals begin at 2am.

Finals begin at 7am.

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