Sunday, August 29, 2021

Medal joy for Quin on beautiful Sunday

As he described it himself, it was a ‘Beautiful Sunday’ for Scott Quin, as he won the bronze medal in the SB14 100m breaststroke final on day five of the Tokyo Paralympics swimming competition.

For Quin, the 100m breast, is his sole event, and he entered the arena dancing to the music from his headphones. After taking his time to settle on the blocks the race was on. World Champion for the event, Naohide Yamaguchi (JPN), was unstoppable, powering into the wall and breaking his own world record with a time of 1:03.77. Jake Michel (AUS) won silver in 104.28.

Quin, who is trained by Matt Trodden at Edinburgh University, turned at the 50m mark in fourth place and finished strongly to take the bronze medal in 1:05.91. Team-mate Conner Morrison finished in eighth.

After the race, an emotional Quin said,

“It has been a long two weeks. When I came out here, I was track and traced on the plane, and had 12 sessions out the water. I’m not using that as an excuse, I’ve had a consistent season. Then obviously you’ve got the two young boys, a world record holder and the young Aussie lad, or rather the big Aussie lad! Honestly, I’m happy. The last two weeks have been hell, lots of emotions have come out and I’m emotional and a bit blown away.

“I just want to thank the University team over the last year since I joined them. I have all my group of guys, my squad back at home, we always have a laugh and my breaststroke buddies. Everyone in my squad, they’re my team, part of my jigsaw. And my parents who have obviously supported me the most, and for the last five years especially. My coach Matt; me and him just rub so well off each other, I really get on great with that guy, his mindset is the same as me. My S&C coach Shanksy (Neil Shanks); honestly, I’ve worked eight years with this guy. The guy just talks sense to me when I have one of my low points and he just picks me back up. Then obviously my physio Tracey (McAdams), she’s absolutely gold with me. We’ve the same kind of personality and I couldn’t thank that team enough.

“Teamwork makes the dream work and I’ve climbed the mountain and got a bronze medal from it. It’s a beautiful Sunday.”

Conner Morrison may not have challenged for a medal but for the University of Aberdeen athlete, it was job done. He said,

“It was the same time as I went this morning but I can’t be too disappointed. I came here to make a final and that’s what I did. I wasn’t expecting any medals but hopefully in the next cycle when Paris comes, I can target a medal there.

For Morrison’s Aberdeen team-mate, Toni Shaw, there was disappointment for her and the GBR 34pt 4x100m freestyle relay. The quartet of Stephanie Millward, Zara Mullooly, Grace Harvey and Toni Shaw were disqualified for a technical infringement.

After the race the girls said,

Stephanie Millward: “We came here as a team and we did our very best.”

Grace Harvey: ”Every single one of the girls went out and did their best. Win or lose we are a team, we’ll go away and see where we can improve the next time, but I’m super proud of what these guys delivered.”

Zara Mullooly: “We’ll wait and see what has happened, we are not really sure at the moment. It is obviously really disappointing but we did try our best and put in a big team effort.”

Toni Shaw: “I was super excited to be racing with these girls. Obviously we are really disappointed but earlier in the session we got to watch the rest of our team-mates absolutely smash it. I am so proud to be part of this team.”

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