Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Changes within Scottish Swimming Team Structure

 Changes within Scottish Swimming Team Structure

We appreciate that many will be aware that our Director of Development, Sharon MacDonald, secured an exciting, new opportunity within the Scottish Government in August, and over the last twelve years, Sharon made a significant impact on the growth and development of our sport overseeing participation, education and support for clubs as well as securing funding from the government to support a number of projects. As we continue to rebuild our sport and develop our next corporate plan,  we have reviewed how the team is structured and made some interim changes to better connect our organisational objectives and the work we do across development and performance.


The main change is the introduction of a new interim Director of Aquatics role which incorporates both the Director of Performance and Development roles, providing overall responsibility across these key areas of the business and strategic leadership to both the development and performance teams. From learning to swim to podium success, and all the pathways and programmes along the way, development and performance are strongly linked entities which need to develop in a connected way.


Ally Whike has been appointed as interim Director of Aquatics and will be supported initially by a few adjustments within the existing teams. In addition, we will shortly be aiming to redistribute more support for clubs by strengthening partnerships in the area of participation, and enhance our levels of support in developing quality coaching. With Wellbeing & Protection being an important area for all of us we will be employing rather than contracting support for this area of expertise.


In summary:


Gordon Hunter as Participation Development Manager will manage the development and coordination of strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.  The focus will be to develop and improve the quality of aquatics programmes in Scotland through the provision of operational support and guidance to Local Authorities/Trusts and Aquatics providers, giving direction on aquatics plans and strategies that are in place to establish and sustain quality learn to swim environments.


Paul Donald as Club Development Manager role will lead the development of stronger, sustainable aquatic clubs in Scotland that will provide increased, quality opportunities for people to participate at all levels. He will also support the Pathways and Performance Manager to deliver effective performance and performance development environments and effective athlete development.


Paul Wilson, as Disability Performance Development Manager, will support Dot Roberts in the development and implementation of the Performance/Performance Development centre lane. He will also support Scottish Swimming partnership engagement, taking the lead on disability and para swimming areas.


Dot Roberts’ role will be adjusted to become Pathway and Performance Manager and will take on additional responsibilities to provide input to the strategic direction of the Scottish Swimming Performance Plan in addition to leadership of the development and implementation of the performance and performance development ‘centre lanes’.


Alan Lynn will remain as National Coach and will take on additional responsibilities to provide input to the strategic direction of the performance and people development plans, and also line manage the People Development Officer.